Crack Mix 387: Lila Tirando a Violeta


At just over 3 million inhabitants, Uruguay has a population similar to that of Wales. Having spent 3 years in Cardiff and only 3 days in Montevideo, it’s fair to say I know a bit more about the Celtic nation than the latin one. Could I name you a Welsh artist that compares in any way shape or form to Uruguay’s Lila Tirando a Violeta? Not a chance. Camila Dominguez, aka Lila Tirando a Violeta, released her LP Limerencia on NAAFI which has the Uruguayan emptying a clip of rhythmic percussion, gabba, futurist club music and field recordings on the listener. Intense as each shot is, I guarantee you’ll walk away from the scene in a better state than when you arrived.

We’re both aware of the futurist tribal club sound that’s been resonating from Latin America for some time now, but I feel as though Lila Tirando a Violeta is going harder and pushing the sound further than her mates over at NAAFI, Hiedrah and Cazeria Cazador of late. Lila recorded a mix for Crack Mag back in November 2020 (Crack Mix 387) that in my eyes should already be given the award for best mix over lockdown. I know we’re not over the hill just yet, but if anyone’s heard anything more exquisitely put together than this mix then please, answers on a postcard. Powerful, chaotic, mad and vulgar. Techno, Euro Pop, Latin Futurist and Funk Carioca. This mix is void of set fillers - nothing but bangers here.

Vocals from Ariana Grande and Kurt Cobain provide familiar voices, but the context in which they’re heard leaves you wondering whether they’d be amazed at the level of experimentation or disgusted for being placed so far out of their comfort zones. I’d like to think its the former, but I’m no Ariana Grande. Aggromance’s remix of Waiting for Tonight feels like it will never end as it morphs through genres and tempos, making me jealous of the endless fun he must have had producing it. The sooner that track gets released, the better off we’ll all be. The mix however does finally end with a distorted and digitalised remix of Cher’s Believe frantically yet fantastically transitioned into Heavy is the Soul - a Lila Tirando a Violeta & Lighght original. I can’t speak for the soul, but this mix is most certainly a heavy one.

Lila Tirando a Violeta has a seriously unique and hard hitting sound. I can’t quite define it, but why bother trying when it’s this awe-inspiring. Not since I first heard Batu’s 2018 Dekmantel Selector’s set have I been bowled over by a mix of this standard. Get it on and buckle up. You’re in for a serious ride with this one.