Sines: Love in The Club


Valentine’s day is right around the corner, and as usual, I’ll be attending a dinner for 1, probably thinking about exes gone by before shaking off the horrible thought with another gulp of cheap lager. Valentine’s day isn’t that big a deal for me, but some seem to lap up the love and affection, even using it as an incentive to get creative and put pen to paper, or, perhaps, track to mix.

Leroy Bella, aka Sines, has not one, but two Valentine’s day Love in the Club mixes to his name. Sines is clearly the romantic type as this Friday sees the dropping of a Love in the Club Vol. 3. mix, released exclusively on the Texan label majía and their appropriately named brand spanking new sister label amor. We don’t know much about this new sub-label, but if its anything like the raw and rebellious Majía, we should consider ourselves spoiled.

Love in the Club Vol 2. was dripping with sensual reggaeton, catchy club music and provocative trap. The inclusion of Myke Towers’ Puerto Rican rework of 50 Cent’s classic love song 21 Questions cannot go without mention. More of the same this Valentine’s please Sines.