International Women’s Day 2021



Keeping ambient music relevant with end-of-year list-topping albums 9 years apart. Who needs a structured melody when you can emphasise tone and atmosphere this well. Commissioned to remix Radiohead before the age of 27. Only a matter of time before Thom returns the favour. If you’re looking for a follow up star to Brian Eno, you’ve found her. Certified future ambient Hall of Famer.


Sherelle’s got Tom Daley jealous by the splash she’s made in the UK’s underground music scene. All she needed was 50 minutes and a bottle of spiced rum. The rest is history set at 160bpm. Hoovering up established artists to her own record label. Giving the Tory party a big FU live on BBC Newsnight. This East Londoner’s so much more than a talented spinner of records. Public icon power bar loading.


My most listened to artist of 2019. Devotion has more plays on my phone than a Westend theatre had pre-covid. A voice that’ll catch your attention. An edginess that’ll keep it. Putting on free shows in Barcelona. Could charge whatever she wants. She musn’t mind the paparazzi because she simply doesn’t have a bad side. Humility is underrated, and so is Tirzah.


Tirzah’s partner in crime since schooldays. South England’s Bonnie and Clyde. If there was an experimental sub genre of experimental music, it would be Mica Levi’s to boss. Writes Oscar-nominated scores during the day. Produces experimental beats at night. Mica Levi possesses the ying and the yang. No record’s too leftfield. No film’s off limits. Keep one eye out for festival lineups and the other for big screen releases. Respected as much in Hollywood as she is in Berghain. Mica’s versatility is unmatchable. Pure genius.


My late teenage crush. Avalon Emerson helped put Whities on the map. Ever genre shuffling, her silky selector skills make her a musical nerd in the best sense. Techno, pop, Italo, breakbeat. Avalon must feel like a kid in a candy store every time she gets behind the decks. The kid with the best taste in music that is. Avalon’s still Whities (AD 93) number one go to gal. Still mine too.


Blew everyone away with her debut album Weightless 4 yeas ago. This Spaniard’s too talented to be a supporting act these days. She deserves the main stage all for herself. Big and bassy or quick and pacey, there’s no track too intimidating when this experimental maestra is in the room. Spins records in Hör like she runs the place. Drops ten mixes in the time it takes me to drop one. This girl’s unphased by her own talent. Big things on the horizon for JASSS.