ELLLL - Putting Cork on the Map


Photo Credit: Cáit Fahy

It’s not easy to find a common link between Ireland and Germany. Not even football throws up much. A late stoppage time equaliser from Robbie Keane in the group stages of the 2002 World Cup is about it really. Ellen King, aka ELLLL is hoping to change all that. Hailing from Cork, Ireland, she has a knack for producing and mixing a broad range of electronic music. She’s since swapped the Guinness for Pilsner and has pitched up tent in Berlin, hoping to put Ireland on the underground map.

In what was a busy 2019 for the Celtic producer, releasing 3 EP’s and a further 2-track release across three different labels, Ellen’s showcased her talents in producing ambient, experimental, bass-heavy and techno beats. What’s more, if you think that’s a lot to take on, you might want to check out Gash Collective. Started by Ellen and her fellow compatriots a few years ago, Gash Collective is a platform for female artists to come together and express themselves musically. Club nights, radio shows; they seem to be a busy bunch.

Genre-wise, her releases all differ from each other and I’m a big fan of the lot. Hard and eerie to softer, orchestral sounds, each one is as well-crafted as the last. However, if you want to get a more holistic view of what ELLLL has to offer, check out her two recent mix for NTS - you won’t be disappointed. Ellen, I’d wish you luck in Berlin, but we all know you Irish have enough of that.