Club Glow: Beats, Breaks, Snare Rolls and Neck Sprains


2020 has kicked off in great fashion. The second half of 2019 saw average BPMs increase and also saw me make a much needed move back to listening to all kinds of things on the faster and harder side of the musical spectrum. Whether it’s the great Soundcloud algorithms bringing all kinds of wonders to my ever-eager ears; the rise and return of drum-heavy club, breaks and jungle tracks; or a sub (or somewhat) conscious effort on my part to get back in touch with sounds similar to the broken beats that ignited my love of electronic music in the first place. Whatever it may be, I’m happy. And a reason for this recent happiness is Club Glow, the collective formed of Borai Bristol, Denham Audio, L_Major and Mani Festo.

The label’s most recent Club Glow Vol. 2 is a ridiculous collection of top-tier tracks that are sure to be spraining countless more necks out there asides from my own. The breaks, beats, drum fills and snare rolls within this release are second to none. Club Glow Vol. 2 and it’s predecessor Club Glow Vol. 1 were both also available as hi-vis cassettes. Yes.

The label had their first party at Peckham Audio just over a week ago, which judging by everything I’ve had the pleasure of hearing must have surely been a snare-filled success – a shame that geography (on the main part) meant I couldn’t be there.

If like ourselves you were sadly unable to make it, there’s a fantastic 2 hour-long mix to cheer you up with the best selection of breaks you’ll have heard in some time.

Keep an eye out for Club Glow, and be sure to keep the other out for what the collective are putting out respectfully. More of the same please.

Big ups boys.