Closed For Tomorrow: Berlin’s Cultural Venues


Closed, but not forgotten. It’s not just clubs and festivals that have gone into hibernation waiting for life post-vaccine, but bars, cafes, and cultural venues have almost all followed suit across Europe.

As for cities which thrive on both their quantity and quality of cultural venues, Berlin takes the cake. Attracting many a visitor with its well established nightclubs and 72 hour events, it’s no surprise that local organisations and associations are very keen on ensuring that the city picks up where it left off, filling its venues with people and music alike.

Closed For Tomorrow, or Geschlossen für Morgen, is an initiative set up by Buddybrand and United We Stream to help support Berlin’s cultural sector. Their fantastic piece shot in empty venues around the capital depicts a cash register printing a continuous stream of blank receipts illustrating the running costs and loss of sales. The film is accompanied by melancholic messages of hope that every club-goer can relate to. Hope that the venues will still be there when the sun shines again on Berlin, because “without bars, there’s no ‘keep the change’. Without the club, there’s no after hour döner”.

Click here to cop a Closed For Tomorrow crewneck sweater designed by United We Stream, with all profits flowing towards the newly created club fund. Or, better, yet, create a new group chat and start planning your next trip to the German capital.