AceMo: All My Life


2019 had its serious moments throughout the year. AceMo could clearly see this coming as he decided to release a fun and jubilant EP at the start of the year to help us all get through it - I only wish I had found it sooner.

the second track on the release, “I Love Daft Punk and You Should Too”, demands you throw those limbs about as the infamous French duo’s iconic sound infiltrates
the speakers. Although, AceMo freshens it up with the addition of tinny percussion and old school telephone rings which repeatedly enter, establish themselves, before quickly getting up and leaving, just as Daft Punk have successfully done over the past three decades.

All My Life will resonate with the house lovers of old as it firmly roots itself in the long-standing genre. However, it’s hard not to see AceMo’s willingness to experiment, bringing in smooth synths and bitchin’ bongos in “Myrtle Ave Party Track” and helpings of hip-hop in the EP’s last, and in my humble opinion, most noteworthy number; “Where They At???”. Vocals from John FM fill the body of the track as he calls out just about everyone and everything, from single mothers to black panther girls, equal pay to racial injustice. Throw a cheeky antiquated but not outdated “You Got to Show Me Love” baseline and you’ve got yourself a 7 minute killer. If this doesn’t scream fun and jubilance then 2019 may have just been a bit too much for you.

Happy 2020 y’all.